” What do quotes mean and why do we love them or hate them?

Hello, and welcome to this blog, today I am exploring quotes and their meanings but before I do, can I ask?
Does a quote have a spiritual message or are they just words created to inspire and empower you?

I create lots of quotes on Pinterest for one reason, I love to share my personal spiritual journey with others, in the hope that it resonates with just one person so I can help that one person on their quest.
One quote that seems to get a lot of love is this one…
“I have the power to change” WHAT does that even mean?

O kay here is my perspective; I feel your healing on a deeper level, I sense something has changed or is about to change! I sense your feeling out of alignment with the world at the moment and possibly a bit fearful of the future, moving forward. Life coaches would like to say, “something needs to shift!” 

 It is a wakeup call; your body or mind is telling you it’s ready for change. 

The universe is sending you subtle signs, to let you know there is an energetic shift happening within you at cellular level.

OKAY, it’s your job now to reflect, take note of what change(s) you need to make and take action.

Remember the Universe only works if you meet it halfway!
No one said it was going to be easy – but if you believe you can your halfway there!

Have time and patience with yourself and take baby steps, slow and steady wins the race! Set yourself a goal and take small but meaningful steps to achieve them. 

Save the affirmation to your phone, keep saying it outloud, make it visible put it somewhere you will see it?

Mirror, bedroom, front door. etc… repeat it often and most all trust and believe you can.

I believe in you!

Let me know in the comments if this resonates with or if it has helped you.
to see more quotes, you can on https://www.pinterest.co.uk/Intuitiveempath/

Much Love,
Linda. xx

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