The Beginners Guide to Meditation

Meditation is really important to me, it helped me get through a really dark time in my life. However when i first started i was really distracted with life, it got in the way and sadly i didn’t invest the time or give myself permission to try again. Ten years later i am teaching it, because it has changed my life so much. I was diagnosed with severe depression and when i went to the doctors i was prescribed antidepressants which i did not want to be dependant on. I search far and wide for answers and the only answer that helped me was holistic healing. I am a holistic therapist and i help people suffering with anxiety, stress and fear. One of my go to tools is mediation because i personally believe the answer sits within and the soul has your heart and the universe has your back.

What is Meditation?

Mediation It’s about your becoming aware of your emotions and feelings from a mental health perspective. You’re not  ignoring your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment and eventually identify why they are showing up for you.

Some common misconceptions about mediation is that you can not do it you have tried, your mind takes over and you start to think about your personal to – do list. which is very common but over time this becomes easier for you to maintain and with practice it will get easier. Another misconception is that you have to sit to mediate, that’s not the case, you walk and meditate and you can journal and mediate also known as automatic writing.

How to get started with Meditation?

Simply start, set the intention decide what type of meditation you want to do? A guided meditation is a fantastic way to start, because your listening and being guided on a journey, there are lots of mediation groups around to0, you join and meet like minded people and mediate with others, there are events such as mediation in the park, i host one of these monthly within my community. or you can do it in the morning or last thing before bed. There is no set structure as to when you do it. ( Youtube have lots of guided meditations to listen to for free )

Tips for Success in Meditation

  • Do it for you
  • Set aside five minutes a day add it to your calendar or phone so you get a reminder notification.
  • Log your thoughts and feelings after your mediation in a journal or notepad.
  • Keep practising it does get easier
  • If you notice your mind wandering bring your attention back to your heart center.
  • Add a colour to your breath, on your inhale breath in the colour and exhale the colour out.
  • Find a space where your environment is comfortable and you will not be disturbed.
  • Light a candle and play some soft music.
  • Be kind to yourself.

Common Questions/FAQ About Meditation

Q: I can’t do it, i can’t stop the mind chatter?

A: Stop being so hard on yourself the brain is created to think, your not going to stop them the key is to let them go without attachment or judgement.

Q: I can’t sit still longer than 1 minute?

A: That’s ok, gradually build on your practice, the more you do the easier it will become.

Q: It may seem like a silly question, how do i breathe?

A: Your breathe should be natural it shouldn’t be uncomfortable, start by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Q: How should i sit?

A: Find somewhere comfortable, either sit lie down or you can use a meditation stool or mediation cushions. get all your fidgeting done before you start and once your comfortable start your practice.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Meditation.

Mediation takes practice and everyone is different; don’t compare yourself to others your on your journey, it’s a fantastic tool to use for your mental health well being.

Set your intention, put a daily action plan together to practice mediation, journal and write your thoughts and feelings down, do a self enquiry and ask yourself if this is true of you today and if its not let it go. if it is acceptance is key –  find a positive affirmation to reframe your feelings and thoughts.

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Much Love,

Linda xx




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