What actually is burnout?

It’s your body way of asking you to stop and listen! Most days we do everything on auto pilot, get up showered, brush your teeth, get dressed, eat – get the kids to school, walk the dog, feed the fish, get the tea out, wash the pots, put the washing on, go to work… dah de dar de dar ……………

Here’s the thing, your energy will only fight for itself for a short while! it needs you to connect and listen to your body, feelings, thoughts, emotions – aches and pains.

“If you are beginning to feel very fatigued and notice each day your resistance is getting lower and lower, this is a huge sign that you may be experiencing burnout.

I noticed this in myself, I was losing my mojo, life was a battle, waking up in the morning was hard, it was even harder to get out of bed. I had no motivation; the highlight of my day was putting my mask on(makeup) my soul felt destroyed, and the days were getting longer.

What are the symptoms of burnout?

Everyone is different the symptoms of burnout, are different for each and every one of us, mine in particular was a sense of lost identify, depression, fatigue, emotional eating, can you identify yourself from the list of possible symptoms below?

Physical and emotional exhaustion

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Weakening immune system
  • Detachment

How can you overcome burnout?

I personally wrote a journal, it helped me release some emotion too it also helped me visualise the words by writing them and noticing what the feck was going on in my head to make me feel this way. I am an introvert at the best of times, so I only talk matter of fact, I don’t do small talk so to chat someone else about something I couldn’t really comprehend myself was a no go.


1. Observe your thoughts

Your thoughts are the key  – when you notice that your being negative, overthinking, self-doubting and self-destructing, take a moment and pause. Accept that these are just thoughts and forgive yourself. I am genuinely a positive person and I love to visualise and use positive affirmations to reframe my thoughts. Be kind to you, your all you have.


2. Notice what your eating

In today’s world we can eat as much crap as we can possibly fit into in our tummy’s as we want. Emotional eating happens when we feel crap about ourselves, when we are feeling lost, insecure, lacking self-worth, low self-esteem – then to top that off we through all this refined sugar, crappy fats, stodgy comfort food into our bodies, which by the way is amazing when you’re doing it, however the aftermath then makes us feel even more guilty. The chemicals in the food mess up our body’s; we might feel ok after the blow out but a week later we can’t fasten the top button on our jeans so here we go again on that roller coaster of self-destruct.

If you can try to be mindful of the foods, your consuming

Try to eat 2 pieces of fruit a day and 5 vegetables with a lean cut of meat or tofu if your vegetarian, drink plenty of water to help you cleanse your body and remove the toxins.

3. Get out in nature

I remember being frog marched to the doctors, I was lower than low so much, so I was just existing. At the time the doctor said to me try to walk at least 30 minutes a day outside. I remember thinking have you really just said that to me, are you serious! Any way after having a sulk and a bit of a moan, the resistance wore off and i gave in and I took his advice. If I am being absolutely honest here, I didn’t see the point and really didn’t enjoy it and i also felt like crap because i was unfit from the crappy food i was consuming.

Fast forward 10 years it’s my ritual, I walk around my local park, I love to go bare footed and feel the grass on my feet, I talk to the trees (because they don’t answer back or judge or criticise and I truly love the freedom and the exercise it gives me.

I would love to here if you have any of these symptoms and are struggling with burn out or if you have overcome burnout what were your rituals to get through it? Comment below…

i would love to share the ebook i have wrote – its an amazing freebie to help you find your soul’s purpose

Much Love,

Linda x x

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