Signs Your Root Chakra Is Blocked


When your root chakra is blocked,

You may feel insecure, anxious, and unsure about the events and people in your life.

Be more sensitive and emotional than usual.

Remember that our Root Chakra is our first one.

Healing Your Root Chakra

There are 3 specific techniques that you can use to open your Root Chakra and help yourself heal.

Healing comes from within and starts with you.

These 3 Simple Techniques to get the energy flowing through the root chakra.

Step 1 – Mediation, allow yourself permission to sit with the energy and allow whatever needs to come up without supressing it.


Step 2 – Visualise the colour red, swirling around your hips. As your awareness begins to show up, accept it and breathe out any pain or tension you may be holding on to.


Step 3. Ground yourself, walk or visit your local park or nature resorts.

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