How would it feel for you to be at peace with your inner self? 

To trust and be guided by your intuition, confidentially hear messages from your guides and angels, and be assured you have a purpose on this planet; to help mother earth and know that you are part of a bigger plan with an important mission mapped out for you before you were born.

You are a lightworker, a star seed; an empath with powerful healing vibrations, to help lift the world to another level;  and it’s my mission to remind you of your true calling to believe in your light, your true purpose in this lifetime today , to nurture your gifts and reconnect you with your souls true identity. 

Where are you on your spiritual path right now?



When you recognise something has changed within you and you need someone to shine a light on your path to help you navigate your natural path.



You ready for the challenge; you know you’re on a spiritual journey and need someone to facilitate your growth, learning, and development.



You feel really alone, frustrated with the same patterns, in your relationships, career and life patterns and no matter what you do your blocked and unable to move forward with your spiritual path.

Leap of faith


You know what you need to do but not sure how to take a leap of faith;

With conflicting messages, fears of failure, self-doubt and money worries, I will guide you on your journey to self realisation. 

Do you want to know more?

Ask And You Will Receive

You dont need to go it alone, I would love to know where you are on your journey, contact me for a free online 15 minuite catch up and lets chat about how i can help you with your next step.

9 + 2 =

Hi, I am Linda your spiritual mentor, i have helped people across the globe; i have so much gratitude for all those people that asked for help on their journey, it is one thing to offer a service but it is another to connect with you on a soul level.

My biggest client, Is myself, i had what i call a spiritual crash, i lost everything to the bare bone and re invented myself, it was not easy and its taken almost tweleve years to get here. 

 I would love to share my story with you , my lessons and my awakenings and hopefully one day i will.

I hope to connect on a vibrational level, in the meantime thank you for stopping by and i look forward to sharing my light with you soon. 

Much Love,

Linda xx


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Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” The word “ikigai” is usually used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. The word translated to English roughly means “thing that you live for” or “the reason for which you wake up in the morning.”


7 Signs Your Burnt Out

7 Signs Your Burnt Out

What actually is burnout? It’s your body way of asking you to stop and listen! Most days we do everything on auto pilot, get up showered, brush your teeth, get dressed, eat – get the kids to school, walk the dog, feed the fish, get the tea out, wash the pots, put the...

What people are saying…..

“You are great and I recommend you to everyone looking for a holistic teacher. your online courses always make me smile, thank your for all you do.

Sharon Holmes


I heard about Linda when I was looking for reiki and she was recommended. I’ve found her to be warm, caring and the sort of person I can share anything with! Having reiki with Linda has helped me loads, I always feel amazing after and writing this makes me remember I need to book myself in again!!

Sally Gibson,

Manchester, UK

Sally Gibson Manchester, UK

I met Linda on a holistic Retreat where she was working and when possible enjoying some mindfulness time with the group.
Linda is an inspiration with her gift of card reading which is always accurate and astounding as said by many.
Linda has some amazing gifts one of which is Reiki healing. Linda is a certified trainer of holistic courses. I attended one of her courses where I gained my reiki practitioner level 1. Linda is a great teacher, calm, through & explained everything so well! The perfect teacher. I can’t wait to attend more of her courses working my way up through the Rieki levels and perhaps doing some massage courses through her too.
Linda gives so much encouragement, help and courage at all times I’m sure that fate led me to meet her.
I would definitely recommend Linda and her intuitive holistic courses to anyone. Namaste. ??

Vicki Cook

Manchester, UK

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